Matt’s Bean Salad – with breakfast variation

Matt’s Bean Salad


Red Onion finely sliced into half rings

Quality fresh tomatoes cut into bite sized cubes

Can of cannellini, borlotti, or 4 bean mix

Fresh French beans lightly boiled and chopped into 4 cm lengths or grilled and skinned capsicum cut into strips (optional)

Fresh parsley finely chopped

Dressing with:

1 x teaspoon finely chopped garlic

¾ teaspoon sugar,

½  teaspoon salt,

½ teaspoon ground pepper

chilli (optional)

50 mls white wine vinegar

50 mls olive oil


Mix all ingredients in a glass jar with lid and shake until salt and sugar are dissolved


Marinate drained beans and onion in dressing and let sit for 10 minutes to half an hour

Toss in boiled French beans or capsicum (optional) and let sit for another 5 minutes

Before serving add tomatoes and parsley and toss

Best served with Rösti and pan fried fish


A variation of this works really well with breakfast.

Fry onions until translucent (with optional diced chorizo)

Add capsicum strips, diced tomatoes and canned beans (don’t include French beans)

Splash  in some vinegar and let simmer.  Season with salt, pepper/chilli.

Before serving stir in finely chopped parsley.

Serve with Omlette and Rösti

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