Pâte Brisée basic short pastry

Basic Short Pastry Pâte Brisée

200 g plain flour

100 g butter

½ teaspoon salt

Chilled or cold water (approx 1/3 to half a cup)

Sift the flour onto a flat surface.  Rub the flour and small pieces of butter together with your fingers until the mixture has a fine crumbly consistency.  Make a well and pour in salted water. Quickly work into a dough, moving from the inside to the outside edge.  The dough should stop being sticky but not become too dry that it is crumbly. If necessary add more water, or flour.

Do not knead the dough, otherwise it will become tough and sticky.

Gather the dough into a ball, dust with flour, wrap and refrigerate for an hour or two.  Overnight is ideal.

When ready roll out on a floured surface, turning and lifting to achieve the desired shape and thickness.

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