Berner Platte

Berner Platte


On 5th of March 1798 the Bernese defeated the French army at Neuenegg  (Neuenegg is a Municipality in the Bern-Mittelland District of the Canton of Bern Switzerland).  The victors returned home to a great feast prepared by everyone bringing whatever they had, which given it was late winter, were foods that were preserved and durable.

There are many variations on the Berner Platte, but it is usually a combination of different boiled meats and sausages with juniper flavoured sauerkraut, French beans and potatoes served on a large plate.

Traditionally it would include things like beef tongue, pigs trotters, ears, tails etc; and the beans would have been dried before being rehydrated and cooked.  Also the potatoes would simply be boiled whole, rather than presented like I do as Rösti.

My take on this classic simply combines those things that I have in the cupboard and fridge at the time.

Ingredients (can include)

Boiled continental sausages like Knackwurst, Weisswurst, Frankfurters, Cervelats, or Bratwurst

Prepared Sauerkraut (see separate recipe)

Boiled smoked pork sliced into 1 cm thick pieces.  Can also be warmed by placing on top of simmering sauerkraut

Boiled beef brisket with plenty of fat sliced (optional)

Swiss style French beans (see separate recipe)

Rösti (see separate recipe)

To serve

On a large plate place 2 sausages, a slice of pork, prepared sauerkraut, some Swiss style French beans, a serve of Rösti and slices of boiled beef brisket.  Serve with mustard.

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