Spanish/Portuguese Style Peas with Prawns

Spanish/Portuguese Style Peas with Prawns

This dish can have many variations, depending on what is available.  The essential idea is the blending of peas with parsley and/or coriander.  I like it because apart from onions, garlic and capsicums I can use frozen, canned or dried items.

Ingredients (many are optional)

1 to 2 onions finely chopped

Several garlic gloves finely chopped

Can of tomatoes or fresh equivalent (optional)/alternatively add halved cherry tomatoes just before serving

1 to 2 red capsicums roasted with skin removed and cut into strips

Half a chorizo sausage chopped into small fingernail size squares

Fresh parsley finely chopped or dried equivalent (at least half a regular bunch with stems removed or a tablespoon of dried and flaked)

Fresh coriander finely chopped (at least half of a regular bunch with stems removed)

Pepper corns or chilli

Vegetable stock (or stock powder)

2 to 3 cups of fresh or frozen peas

4 eggs

10 – 15 fresh or frozen raw prawns

Dry or medium dry sherry


Fry chorizo in large fry pan until it has released much of its’ fat, remove leaving fat in pan.

Add some olive oil if necessary and fry onions and garlic until translucent.

Return chorizo with roasted capsicum strips and tomatoes.  Season with pepper corns and/or chilli and bring to boil.

Add parsley, coriander, peas and prawns (if frozen, then straight from the freezer), and add just enough stock/water to steam rather than fry ingredients, heat to boil again and then add a large splash of sherry.

Create 4 wells in pea mixture and break an egg into each well.

Cover and simmer until eggs are cooked.


I like having this with Bassa fillets, either taken straight from the freezer and boiled, or defrosted, coated with flour mixed with salt and pepper and then fried

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