Skiing pioneer Mick Hull on snow play 1990

“The succession of lean seasons during the 1970’s combined with  better access has brought a new phenomenon to Hotham, the one day sight-seers, thrashed by midwinter storms, poorly clad and often crouched in frozen misery over their portable gas-barbecues in the windswept Corral saddle.  They came nevertheless because of snowless conditions at other resorts of easier access and more usual patronage.  Most of them did not ski and the only resort facilities they seemed to use were the toilet block, but they came apparently because they wanted to see snow, and Hotham had not prepared any more sheltered or more peaceful areas for them – undoubtedly there are many more peaceful areas between St Bernard and Dinner Plain where they could enjoy the mountain views and the novelty of snow in comfort if some picnic facilities at wayside-stop areas were organised for them.  The problem had been foreseen in club planning reports as early as 1962, but with nothing being done so far, this is one more problem for which hopefully the Development Planners will find a series of creative solutions.”  P 285 – 286 Mountain Memories – Sixty years of skiing by Mick Hull 1990.

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