Somewhere along the line I became a cycling nut.  I’d always ridden bikes, and as a kid had lusted after those exotic bikes with campagnolo deraillers and drop bars.  But racing was not something that came my way until a chance encounter my son had with a velodrome as part a school activity.  After the school visit he expressed interest in heading down on a Friday night to try racing with the Alice Springs Cycling Club who had run the school activity.  Watching him pedal through the turn coming onto the straight had me wanting to try too, so we both entered the forthcoming NT Championships.  I was 44 years old, so perhaps I’d waited a little long, but better late than never, as they say.

Whilst I’ve not raced nearly as much as I might have wished, nor have I often followed through on my training plans, I still, when I get the chance, love to ride a bike.  Mountain, velodrome or road, doesn’t matter, but I do love racing.  Sometimes it’s dangerous, and you will fall and hurt yourself, but when it all comes together, there is no better sensation, period.

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