Land Use

One of my earliest memories is reading a notice board flyer requesting signatures on a petition protesting the plan to dam Lake Pedder in Tasmania.  Growing up in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I’d taken somewhat for granted the freedom of wandering unimpeded in the ‘bush’.  The realisation that this freedom was not a consequence of forethought and planning, but a lull before inevitable development and improvement, came as a bit of a shock.  How on earth could people even consider daming something as beautiful as Lake Pedder, let alone invading such remote country with development.  It made me realise that I didn’t share the predominant values of the society and culture I lived in.  It also set me on a path towards becoming an angry young man.  For some years I worked in the environment movement. These days, I find it hard to care, it seems inevitable, although I’m still just as incredulous.  So sometimes I’m interested enough to consider land use planning issues seriously and as such I’ve included Land Use as one of those areas of interest that has a menu tag.

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