Car parking at Mt Hotham

Sometimes little things tell you a lot. Car parking at Mt Hotham is one of those things.

General visitors to the mountain can use either day or overnight parks. The most sought after of these is the Corral Day Car Park near Central.

Most staff and winter residents use the most distant of the day and overnight parks relying on an infrequent bus service to collect them. Of course this makes sense. Hotham depends upon paying guests and the most convenient car sports should be available for their use.

However, as part of their day to day business, some people need to move around and parking at a distance is time consuming and costly. Loading zones can only be used for 15 minutes without risk of a fine. So sometimes these people purchase a general entry pass or a premium reserved parking spot.

There is one big exception to all this. A large part of the Corral Day Car Park is reserved for the exclusive use of the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board (MHARMB). Many of these reserved spots are used by those working 9 – 5 jobs in the adjacent building. They park, go to work and return to their car at the end of the day. Why is it that they do not use the same system everybody else uses?

Staff and winter residents are clients or customers of the MHARMB too. The MHARMB is there to assist them to conduct their business, not the other way around.

Imagine if the car parks in front of Woolworths or the local municipal offices were taken up with the workers and staff so that customers and clients had to take a bus to do their shopping or conduct their business.

And that is how little things tell a lot. At Mt Hotham it is easy to get the impression that our ‘public servants’ think we all work for them.

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