Julia 457’s and media reform

I am not convinced that Julia Gillard’s leadership is under imminent threat, despite the media frenzy.  It would seem to me that she has been going hard on things like 457 visas and media control, because she knows that if she triumphs in the ensuing debate she further puts herself out there as somebody who gets things done, even if those things don’t necessarily suit entrenched and powerful interests.  I am sure that 457 visas have been used by employees to undermine working conditions of Australians and to exploit skilled overseas workers at the same time, and that such suspicions resonate with the broader public.  Bit like John Howard’s we will decide who comes to this country rhetoric, but on an issue with merit.  We should be training Australian’s rather than poaching educated people from less fortunate countries.  This only undermines both countries best interests.  Same with media control, people are suspicious of the media players, and by forcing them to show themselves, she reminds people that they have an axe to grind when it comes to how they report on her and the labour government, which could be invaluable when it comes to casting doubt on Abbott and what he stands for in the lead up to the election.  Hope I’m not wrong.

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