Well, well, well.  Rarely have I had such a laugh, Adam Giles Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, the first person of Indigenous descent to lead a government in Australia, and a conservative at that.

This is the ultimate double whammy.

This has to be good for Julia Gillard, and God knows Julia needs all the help she can get.  The conservatives will no longer be able to get such resonance banging on about how anybody who gets elected by rolling the incumbent can’t be trusted, particularly given old Ted’s, and now Terry’s demise in the same week.

(As an aside, I reckon the Julia thing has really been about how dare a woman assume that  on her own merits she deserves to be a leader,  she can’t be better than a man so she must be the stooge of the so called faceless men.)

Secondly this has to be great for Indigenous people.  When Bes Price and Alison Anderson decided to stand as conservative CLP candidates, many of well meaning lefty mates confidently predicted that they were being naive.  After all how could a party with a long history of racism actually now be welcoming Indigenous candidates.  They were really being exploited only to win an election and after that they would be compromised and able to achieve little of benefit to Indigenous people.  Well it seems it was the white fellas in the CLP that might have been a little bit naive. It’s the black fellas who’ve rolled the white fellas!  Goes to show how pragmatism can sometimes be more important than ideological loyalty.

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