Max Biaggi – surely history will rate him as one of the best ever – right up there with Mike Hailwood

Max Biaggi – I’ve been a fan since watching his amazing exploits on the Aprilia two stroke.  When he came to 500’s his team boss told him before his first race to go out and show them who was the ‘true champion’, and despite being on a privateer machine, he did just that, winning the race. I came across these comments about Max on another site and have played with them a bit, but largely reproduce unchanged.

The guys trashes everybody on an Aprilia in 250’s then defects to Honda who hadn’t won a championship in years and proceeds to thrash everybody on the NSR250. He then steps up to 500’s wins his first race with the fastest lap and pole position almost gets the title but is robbed at catalunya by a moment of madness. He then signs for yamaha coz he needs to ride a factory bike to win the title and he aint gonna get a factory Honda coz mr Doohan occupies the seat. He then drags the YZR out of the depths and starts winning races and starts challenging for the title, something that hadn’t been done on the YZR since Rainey. Then his nemesis arrives mr Rossi and really gets in his way but he still runs rossi really close for the title in 01. then the four strokes come along, the Honda is really strong straight out the box and the yamaha less so. He then develops the bike over the course of the season and eventually wins two race and comes runner up to Rossi once again. Him and Rossi are still the only riders to date to win four stroke races on two different manufacturers. A few more seasons in the top flight coming runner up to Rossi and he heads for SBK, wins his first race. He then signs for Aprilia and develops a V4 that Aprilia have never raced with before into a race winner…the guy is a class act and a legend in his own time, if it wasn’t for rossi he would be a god

One thing is certain about Max, and like the great Hailwood, he is fast on any motorcycle he rides, unlike a certain other Italian who only seems to be able to go fast when he’s on the best bike.

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