Abbott’s threat to repeal the carbon tax

Yeah well Abbott can rave on all he likes, and it is sort of good he does so, cause the more he does the bigger the hole he digs himself.  If he wins the next election, unless he does so on a major primary landslide, there is no way he will control the senate, let alone the lower house, so he’s got buckley’s of repealing anything.  In fact if he wins, it will be because Labour have lost much of their vote to the Greens, not to him.  Business will know this, and there is enough of business that wants a carbon price, that irrespective they will participate.  Let’s face it they’ve got fuck all options really as it is law, and once they’ve paid their money, they ain’t going to want their investment to be shredded by some nay sayer.  So mostly it’s just really bad, bad theatre.

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