Went outside and spent the first half hour sawing fire wood.  I think I have a slight fire wood obsession.  It’s like a constant through my life from boy scouts onwards.  It gives me some perverse pleasure as fire wood is almost like so many other commodities these days, unless it comes neatly packaged and to a standard length and look, people don’t see it as proper firewood.  And of course one would never hand collect and saw it. Rugged outdoor individualists have a chain saw, and a trailer with a 4 wd, and you travel far and wide to collect it, even if there is plenty of it right in front of you.  Guess it’s for the same as people growing vegetables.  You can buy them at woollies neatly packaged in plastic, regulation size, so cheaply that it makes growing them seem pointless.  However, there is an undeniable satisfaction in growing your own.

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